Weekend Reading: Weathering for Railway Modellers Volume 1 – Locomotives and Rolling Stock


As the various non-modelling pressures ease up, I am regaining some momentum on the hobby front. I have not done much of note in the shop but I have been keeping up with my reading. The current book queued up on my phone is Weathering For Railway Modellers Volume 1 – Locomotives and Rolling Stock by George Dent. As previously noted, I have done little weathering in my modelling career but am actively working to correct that. George Dent’s book looks to be going to correct gaps in my knowledge if not my talent.

The book is lavishly illustrated with colour photographs as one would expect for so visual an art. George starts off with the why then goes into materials (paints, washes and dry pigments) and tools. Airbrushing is covered quite well in a separate chapter (George has also authored an entire modeller targeted book on the subject) after simple starter projects are covered.

After the various techniques are covered with examples, there are three! chapters specifically on simulating rust then a chapter each on timber and shading.

The balance of the book covers weathering specifics for coaches, diesels and steam locomotives through example projects combining the foundation techniques as appropriate.

I have not finished the book but I certainly will! I also intend to roll right into the companion volume on weathering structures and scenery with possibly a detour for that airbrushing book. (More on my nascent airbrushing adventures to follow). Weathering for Railway Modellers, volumes 1 and 2 are currently in print and available in paper and e-book form from the excellent Crowood Press which is getting a lot of my money these days.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: Weathering for Railway Modellers Volume 1 – Locomotives and Rolling Stock”

  1. I follow George’s blog, his work is masterful. Those books could be dangerous. I’ll need to check, I don’t think I have either of those, but I have a couple of the Model Rail Magazine “Bookazines” that they’ve published with compendiums of articles he’s written.

    I really shouldn’t buy them…but then again….


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    1. I figure that more knowledge about the things I am going to do anyway is always good. And that it doesn’t cause analysis paralysis at all! 😛

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