Golden, er, Tie Bar?

The summer months can be a slow time for modelling. In my case, some combination of being away from homes on weekends and inertia have combined to reduce progress of significance. While standing on the dock, waiting for the dog to bring the stick back and hide it in the woods, again, I formulated some goals.

First off was getting the rest of the turnout tie bars prepared (trimmed to length, glued together with insulating layer of paper, holes drilled out) and installed. I am pleased to report that goal has been achieved. Here is the last of four.finaltiebar

I did have to take out and redo one bar that was not, in fact, insulated. Happily, it was the first one I removed after I detected a short. New preparation step: test for short in the bar prior to installation! (Duh)

A positive aspect of the cut down straight pins I am using to fix points to bars is that they are easy to replace if, say, one slips out of the tweezers and goes shooting off to unknown parts.

A downside of a small layout constructed slowly is that you only get a skill up to speed and then you are done with it. I have worked out my process for doing tie bars but I will likely forget something by the time I need to do it again. Maybe I should write it all down or something. Next post!


2 thoughts on “Golden, er, Tie Bar?”

  1. Congratulations on this milestone.

    Those details not only look sharp as heck but they serve a functional role too. I’ve been looking at this photo for a bit and admiring what looks so brilliant. This really speaks to the larger scale.

    But enough of my tangent.




    1. Thanks, Chris!
      Getting those pins in the holes is merely fiddly rather than enraging. I cannot imagine doing the same in 1:87 although I am sure there are those who do. I hope to get at least one turnout detailed, painted and weathered in the near future so I can get a shot of the complete effect.


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