Want of a Nail

I have a bit of time off and I am aiming to make some progress on Comstock Road. With trackwork in (although still under test and adjustment) , I can start in on the scenery. But, you knew there was going to be one of those, I really can’t do much with any colour until I get the lights up since they won’t have the same qualities as the room fluorescents.

And here we get to the want of a nail angle:

  • Lights will be hung from the top pelmet which will frame the scene.
  • Light pelmet needs the ends of the backdrop (sidedrops? 😀 )
  • Backdrop ends need to go over the front and ends of the frames which need to have their final finish applied.
  • Final finish on the frame trim needs something to be matched to: the ground contours rendered in foam.

This isn’t the order I feel like doing things in but it is the reality imposed by my design choices. Inclinations notwithstanding, there are pieces of foam currently being held down by an assortment of paint cans as adhesive dries. I am hopeful that I can get the lights up in the near future.

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