Weekend Reading: Narrow Gauge Downunder


One of the things picked up at NNGC 2019 was the previous year’s issues of Narrow Gauge Downunder magazine. I have been buying the occasional copy at my local train stores but not as regularly as I would like. They were at the previous NNGC I attended in Augusta, Maine a couple of years ago and my hope to see them this year was not in vain.

NGDU is the sort of magazine I enjoy. It combines non-trivial model construction articles and prototype articles of interesting subjects that I am utterly unfamiliar with. In addition to the cover layout, the pictured issue include an installment on Australian prototype sugar cane loading facilities where the cars are rolled on and off of trucks for their trips between railhead and plantation. There is nothing wrong with silver mining in Colorado but it is nice to see something different! NGDU does occasionally include Colorado narrow gauge lines. The authorship appears to go beyond the geographical boundaries implied by its’ title, too.

The modeling articles are generally top notch and include both how-to articles that go beyond the beginner level as well as some novel (at least to me) ideas. Even when the general techniques are familiar, the often novel subject being modeled makes things fresh.

I am working my way through last year and eagerly anticipating the arrival of the next issue. Since this will be the first of the subscription, I don’t know how much lag I will have to endure as the copy makes its’ way to Canada.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: Narrow Gauge Downunder”

  1. “ There is nothing wrong with silver mining in Colorado but it is nice to see something different!”
    Replace that with ‘slate quarrying in North Wales’ and I know exactly how you feel!

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