Fascia and Perfectionism

More time has passed than I like to admit since I talked about needing to get the fascia on Comstock Road before I could get the end bits and light board up. I presumed the need to get all the foam for the scenery in so that I could match the profile. The trouble is that the final profile is a bit ill defined. I eventually realized I was back to putting things off because things weren’t going to be perfect. Having caught myself out, I resolved to get something done on the usual principle that something done is better than perfection never started.

I ripped three pieces of 1/8″ hardboard to the maximum width of 7″ and applied the one for the traverser end since that is all nice  and level. The other two will require sketching out a profile and cutting with the jigsaw prior to gluing in place.

Even though it is unpainted, I find the improvement in appearance encouraging. (And good enough!) IMG_20191208_144538163

The photo is also proof that I own conventional clamps as well as a roll of tape. Once again I am leveraging the quick disconnection feature of this style of baseboard construction to get clamps into position.

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