Modeller Loses Bubble, Decides to Paint Fascia White


It could happen! And the dropcloth skirting really finishes off the look.

In mundane reality, it’s just primer. I finally got around to cutting out the profile for the remaining two thirds of the fascia after tracing the edge during the final minutes of last Saturday’s Train Night in Canada.

I got the final piece glued on at lunch today. I even got it right way round eventually. In a convincing display of why haste can be wasteful, I managed to first glue it on upside down and then left to right backwards. Taking a look at the overall orientation of the piece is recommended instead of just focussing (there was real cussing, too, not just faux cussing) on the corner you are trying to line up.

Tonight, I dusted off and pried open a pint pot of primer and  flat black that have been hiding under the drillpress since they were used to paint a dollhouse I built for my eldest when they were five. They will be twenty this summer so a bit of effort and a big flat screwdriver were required.

The age old debate about fascia colour was settled by the current crisis and flat black won out over concrete gray and brick red. So no complaints, it could be worse.

Nothing like a lick of paint to make things look like they are progressing.


5 thoughts on “Modeller Loses Bubble, Decides to Paint Fascia White”

  1. It looks great, Mark. Glad you’re making progress on this.
    White would be a bold choice. It could work, in certain situations. But black works too – and you can always change it. Paint is easy that way.

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    1. I think part of holding to the achievable (for me) goal is not to get too far out into the experimental weeds. We know I can think myself into theoretical paralysis (with three decks!) in no time flat. I think the white would go better with a winter theme or perhaps a more impressionistic approach.

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