Milling About

I haven’t been doing much directly on Comstock Road recently but I have not been entirely idle. Having acquired the lathe and producing some roller gauges, I had not done much with it since. I recently resolved to get a better grip on the lathe’s capabilities and improve my rudimentary machining skills.

The lathe came with a vertical milling slide that bolts to the cross-slide and can be a substitute for an actual mill, up to a point. Being sparsely supplied with t-nuts for attaching things to either slide, I set out to mill down some that came as part of a machinist’s clamping set. (The Myford t-slots are 3/8″ wide but the cross of the T is both thinner and narrower than standard and the vertical part of the T is shorter.

Here is what the milling slide setup looks like:

Getting to that point definitely involved some learning opportunities:

  • I figured out how to read the change gear chart and reduced the feed rate which involved removing and reinstalling some things where washers at the wrong place caused gears to interfere with covers.
  • Got the spindle drip oilers adjusted, more or less. Cleaned grease out of various oil fittings and hopefully got things properly oiled.
  • Filed down a t-bolt to get it to fit so I would have enough to secure both milling slide and vise.
  • Ground the vise mounting lugs out with a rotary tool to get said bolts to fit.
  • Figured out how to square up the slide and the vise.
  • Worked out how to use a dial indicator to measure travel on the carriage.
  • Learned to not bump said indicator in the middle of an operation…
  • Learned that locking the carriage before doing a milling pass was not optional!
  • Much learning about work holding.

I had two exciting failures in workholding resulting in a missing chunk from the top corner of a nut in one case and, in the other case, jamming the whole spindle. Neither was catastrophic.

Here is one of the resulting slimmed down nuts, ready to hold something down. The first something is likely to be a carriage stop since using a dial indicator to measure carriage travel is a bit insecure. I intend to eventually work my way up to some sort of small live steam engine.

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