Lighting Update

I previously described, I installed an LED strip in valance of Comstock Road. I applied it using the self-adhesive backing which turns out to be less than permanent. On multiple occasions, I entered the room to see one of the two strip sections dangling down, held up only by the wires at one end. This, as they say, won’t do.

After a bit of research, I decided to try double sided carpet tape. If that fails, I will go all the way to stables or some other mechanical fastener. Having got the valance down to do the taping (not trying that upside down and leaning into the layout), I decided to continue with running the wiring.

I will likely change power supplies when I add a second strip so the current power brick is temporary-ish. I have been hung up on the idea of some sort of shelf but decided to just zip-tie the brick to a cross member.

Zip ties, what can’t they do? El Kabodge strikes again.

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