It’s A Lock

I started out learning 3D printing because I know there are things that are easier to make with that process as well as things that are almost impossible to make by other means at least by me. I did not expect to encounter an example of the latter case quite so soon but there it is.

The orange widget is a means of locking my Myford ML7 spindle in position so that I can unscrew whatever is on the end of the spindle. Previous methods involved wedging a bit of hardwood in there and prying. And then cleaning splinters out of the works. Versions of this better alternative turned up on the Myford Facebook group and someone more adept at CAD than I shared a file. My contribution was to add the hole for hanging on a peg.

One of the disadvantages of using the Toronto Public Library’s 3D printing machines is that only PLA is allowed. One of the advantages is that they have all the colours so I chose a safety orange for this item in the hopes of never forgetting and starting up the lathe with the lock in place.

2 thoughts on “It’s A Lock”

    1. It is certainly a possibility but I am in no hurry. I Resin printers are getting cheaper and better at a good rate so procrastination is being rewarded. I suspect that once (if) I get more heavily involved in rolling stock and structure building an onsite printer will suddenly be worth it.

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