Beachhead (Re-)Established

I am working on the Arduino based drive system for the traverser on Comstock Road and have arrived at the point where I need to solder leads onto buttons so I can hook them up to the mocked up system. I have also been putting that off for a while now because my workbench has been well buried in detritus. It is the place I tend to unpack things and put things that I am not putting away.

This afternoon I took a bit of time and did some tidying up. I put away things I have places for and cleaned up the general accumulation of stripwood ends, dropped straight pins, jumper wires, … Surprisingly, there was relatively little that doesn’t have a place although bottles of fluids it definitely a problem area as indicated by the upper left corner of the photo.

I got the lead soldering project started and am now set up to leap back into action with no startup costs. I have also identified a necessary improvement in the form of some sort of small bottle stabilization scheme to prevent upsetting the narrow bottle of flux I was using. Or, historically, any bottle of flux I am using. At least nothing else was in the splash area so my virtuous cleaning had immediate benefits.

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