Drawer Deployment

Today all the recommended waiting periods for the assorted finishes on my newly built lathe storage drawers expired. This made it easy to find the motivation to get into the shop early. I find the prospect of doing a bit of tidying up when I have proper places to put things motivating. The demotivator is having to clean up and having no place for the stuff to go.

Here is a partial before shot of the shelf above the lathe. This has been the primary and only dedicated lathe stuff repository. It is nominally organized but piled deep enough that I can lose things I just set down.

I have a basic organizational scheme in mind in order from the top:

  • less frequently used small stuff I don’t put on the pending splash guard rack.
  • major accessories. The reason I went with 100 lb drawer slides.
  • lathe tooling, infrequently used accessories
  • rarely used metrology tools.

Not all was light and roses, however. In a mildly irritating oversight, my gauge block set case is about a half inch too long to fit in the rarely used measuring stuff. With foresight, it could have gone into the bottom of the metrology drawer. Bother.

Finally, the after shot of the shelf. I haven’t touched any of it but a bit of shuffling and it can be much more useful than it was. Instances of enraging small widget loss should be greatly reduced.

3 thoughts on “Drawer Deployment”

  1. I have heard it said that a tidy work area is the sign of a disturbed mind, but I know this not to be true as my work area is never tidy, and people who know these things (I know quite a few psychiatrists and counsellors) say that my mind is extremely unusual, but only on a good day…
    What I do know, from personal experience rather than hearsay and ribaldry, is that an untidy work area soon becomes a nightmare. I think it no surprise that the modellers I admire most in terms of both quality and quantity of output have relatively tidy workplaces and when things get out of hand, they stop and tidy up.
    Your work here is a sound investment, and I encourage you to keep up the discipline of being organised!


    1. Self-analysis is always fun! I tend to be very focused on what I am doing at the time which leads me to set things down wherever is handy without it really impinging on my memory. If I have anything other than a clean work surface (ie most of the time), I can lose things in no time at all. Losing track of things I just had a minute ago makes me mad. It is a lifelong battle between me and the entropy I create, this is just the latest battle. 🙂


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