Tarpaper Roof Installed on Shed

I grabbed some time today to glue down the shed roof and install the tarpaper roofing I made with brown paper and India ink wash. I also decided to try out some of my new double-sided tape as suggested in by David Wright in his book. I decided that glueing down the overlaps on the horizontal seams wasn’t essential given the sketchy condition of the roof in question.

Here is the overall result:shed_roofing.jpg

The double sided tape took a little getting used to and I am lucky that it isn’t so strong that if you touch it with anything it stays that way. But, a few bits consumed in learning and I was off. Applying the whole roof took me only about 15 minutes including marking the guide lines. If it holds over time, it is a win. The tape in question looks like regular transparent tape and comes in the same sort of dispense and is thus 1/2″ wide. Covering a large surface would get tiresome so I will see if I can acquire a wider product for future use.

I am also please with the general effect of the tarpaper. Variations in black and grey look like worn but still intact roofing, at least to me. The detail photo doesn’t really do it justice due to my lighting washing out the colours. A future challenge to improve my photography and/or post-processing skills. The variation isn’t as extreme as it looks in this shot.


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