Weekend Reading: In Search of Steam Donkeys: Logging Equipment in Oregon by Merv Johnson

IMG_20171118_165748271If I ever attempt a narrow gauge layout, it will almost certainly feature logging and In Search of Steam Donkeys by Merv Johnson is the reason why.  I don’t remember why I originally purchased this book but I am ever so glad I did.  It is just wonderful.

The “In Search of” title is a bit misleading since the author has obviously found steam donkeys in abundance or at least many beautiful black and white photographs of them.  The photos are supported by explanatory prose that explains what a steam donkey is and discusses the different types and their uses but doesn’t stop there.  There are illustrations of rigging, dimensioned drawings, historical accounts and anecdotes from first hand interviews.  And to top it all, there is even a section featuring some models.

This book is no longer in print but is available on the used market at somewhere around the original price.  If you model a mainline railroad and are attempting to avoid catching the narrow gauge bug, you should not buy this book.  Everyone else would do well consider buying it if the opportunity arises.

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