I haven’t done much modelling of note in the last two weeks although there has been moments of spiking but I did acquire a used Weaver RS-3, somewhat discounted due to a failure to proceed on the hobby shop test track. I have never owned a Weaver product but this locomotive, decorated for the PRR, looked like a good starting point for a second locomotive. Initial examination showed that it had the correct deck top mounted hand rails and the earliest center town drive. (There were three variants with the third being the two vertical motor “China” drive much derided as having side mounted hand rails and other 3-rail comprises to accuracy.)

This weekend I got around to getting the shell off to see what I had to work with. I also removed the hand rails to preserve them from mishandling. A project box was started to contain all the loose bits because even I can learn if the lesson is sufficiently painful!

Here is what the bottom of the loco looks like with the fuel tank off.RS3drivebottom

This photo also features the debut of my new Micromark foam cradle. I added one to my last order even though I have been reluctant to get one in the past since it is seven dollars for a piece of foam and surely I could make something. That never happened and things have gotten banged up that shouldn’t have so I bit the bullet and got one. It certainly came in handy for getting at the bottom of the loco to unscrew the shell.

I am a rank beginner when it comes to working with loco drive mechanisms but even I could see what was probably the root cause of the drive chain coming off. It looks like the gear on the motor shaft has worked itself away from where it should be.rs3misaligned

I have ordered a set of Proto:48 upgrade wheelsets from NorthWest Short Line. Once I have those in hand, I will consider drive upgrade options. P&D Hobbies sells Weaver upgrade and replacement parts including a kit to convert the drive to the second version with drive towers in the trucks.  Finescale360 also sells drive tower upgrades for the second version so I will have to make enquiries about what the best course is.

Also on the list will be etched brass grills since the shell has solid ones molded in and I want to put speakers in this loco as I did on the SW-8.

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