Trains or Brickwork?

Whilst we were in Kingston, Ontario on the weekend for a family event, we had occasion to stop at a Tim Horton’s outlet, as one does. Unbeknownst to me, my insufficiently deferential teens observed me standing in the parking lot, taking the subject photo. When the question was raised about what thing Dad might be photographing, the guess quickly came down to “trains or brickwork”. As we set off again, I began to expound about the photographic subject with its at least eight different sections of masonry and heard from the back seat: “Brickwork! Told you!” Hmmph!  Clearly I failed as a parent somehow. 🙂

In any case, here is the subject photo. masonrypotpourriFor those of you who, like me, do appreciate such things, you will note the wide variety of brick and stonework that has accumulated over the years. While I doubt that it had any direct railroad connection, the Grand Trunk(CNR) and Kingston & Pembroke Railways did run along the shoreline right past these buildings, all of which almost certainly dates from or before the railroad era. Modelling all this would be an interesting project.


2 thoughts on “Trains or Brickwork?”

  1. When I was an undergraduate psychology student, I was chatting to a friend who was studying history, and asked what he was studying that term. He commented “vernacular architecture”, and was somewhat surprised at my knowledge of the subject: sizes and bonds for bricks, different materials for roofs, etc. As a slightly gauche 21 year old, I declined to reveal the source of my knowledge, but it actually came from some articles in the “Railway Modeller”.

    I guess I am saying that I am a brickwork nerd, too, but I prefer to think of it as an offshoot of the hobby: an understanding of the local built environment, and a concomitant appreciation of the work involved.

    Model Railways is such an educational hobby!


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    1. Many things can be an offshoot of this hobby! I maintain that one can plunk a modeller down anywhere and they will find something to be interested in: architecture, geology, machinery, random junk, erosion patterns, weathering,…. 🙂


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